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How emotional is your business

It’s important to strive to have great values associated with your brand for credibility and integrity purposes. How do you get to know how your customers feel about your brand which is quite essential and critical to your business? You can do a survey, a customer feedback audit, this can be done with Customer relationship tools which systematically can be able to draw out analytics reports that can be done daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly to give you a feel of the business performance, you can conduct mystery shopping where you engage internal stakeholders to pose as customers, so that you can analyze customer interactions from the customer point of view.

Analyze a customer's journey from the point of engagement and even after a sale so that you can get a good feel of the whole customer journey in terms of what are the pain points, what are the success stories and where are areas of improvement.

Once you establish the pain points the next step is to take the same as opportunities of improvements, have forums where you have a continuous flow of feedback. Remember your customers are the reason why your business is a float and therefore are very important to you and they should feel valued and treasured. This will ensure you have business retention and they are advertising for you the business from their experience.