Introduction and Teaching of Sex Education.

How to Break Sex Education topics to kids.

Introduction and Teaching of Sex Education.
Introduction and Teaching of Sex Education

There may be never a good time to start talking to your children about sex education; when they are little, you think it is too soon but later, you find it inapropriate to break the topic. 

The best time is always when the kids are at an 'understanding age'. You may consider starting by pointing out their body parts while taking a shower, teach them which ones are private. Normally, it is advised to use children songs to make it easy and more fun. 

With time, the methods of teaching becomes different.You become more specific. At the age of 10, when a child is going through puberty, they become more cautious and aware of the changes in their bodies. At this age, their hormones start being active. 

As a parent, do not shy away from talking directly to specific topics. For example, when a child in their 'ripe' age may ask  where kids come from, or why girls and boys have different parts; give a modest  answer, tell them that a kid surely grows inside a woman but also explain to them that they are yet to experience it. 

Mentally prepare your children for the changes awaiting them. Teach the girls about menstrual health, cramps and how they should respond to such. Teach them on expansions that will happen in their bodies and how to behave; some are carried away with shyness from the changes.

Talk to the boys about breaking  of their voices, circumcision and the changes that comes after that. 

Both genders should learn about attraction to the opposite gender, and that it is normal. However, teach them how to carry themselves around to avoid repercussions. At this age, you may open up  about teen pregnancy. Teach the kids about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), not in a way that will scare them, but in a way that will educate them. 

When a parent starts early, it becomes easier for the kids to understand and carry themselves with discipline while growing up. It also boosts their self esteem since they know how to tuckle difficult situations.