4 Healthy Benefits Of 'Nduma' During Pregnancy

There are different types of food that women should consume especially during pregnancy. One of the foods are Arrowroots locally known as ‘Ndumas’

4 Healthy Benefits Of 'Nduma' During Pregnancy

Well below are the different reasons why expectant women should eat Nduma.

1.Reducing Nausea.

Ndumas reduces the feeling of nausea in expectant mothers especially in the first trimester, which may also go on into the third trimester. This is because Arrowroots has Vitamin B6

2.Advantageous in baby's brain growth.

Arrowroots have folate substances which are essentials for the baby and the mother in the womb. Therefore, they play a very big role in the development of the baby's brain.

3. For the digestive system.

Ndumas contain fibers that are so good for the digestive system.

NOTE: Healthy digestive system results in the absorption of healthy nutrients for the baby in the womb becomes easily.


4. Energy giving food

Arrowroots are good especially if consumed by pregnant mothers. This is because, during pregnancy, energy is quite essential. Arrowroot bulbs with protein, fat, and carbohydrates content can be the main ingredients that supply energy to your body.