Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs and why they exist

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs.

The Easter Egg is believed to have been adopted from Persian in the early ages of Christianity.  The egg would be coloured red in the memory of "The Blood of Jesus Christ" . 

 The act has since been carried on regarding the egg as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus with the Roman Ritual . Sociology professor Keneth Thompson has maintained that the relation between the Easter egg and Easter aroe from Western Europe.  He has explained that this was a result from the Catholic members being banned from eating eggs during Easter but would eat afterwards.

  From the tradition, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday was called "Pancake day" or Fat Tuesday"  where believers would have the last egg ahead of Easter.

The eggs are then cracked later and the shells, in some places, are used to decorate houses as a reminder of the resurection of Jesus.