Tech Tuesday: Disadvantages of Online Classes

Tech Tuesday. Disadvantages of Online reading.

Tech Tuesday: Disadvantages of Online Classes
Disadvantages of E-learning.

Online learning is popularly known as E-learning. It is whereby you do not have to physically attend a learning institution for studies. Online learning is usually the best option for a busy person or a short- course. It is also preferred since it favours different learning pace. E-learning is also effective because of the fast information, everything is a click away/ This does not apply to all courses, especially those that require practical skills. 

Though this system seem all promising and saves time, it also has its disadvantages that could interfere with learning.

Trustworthiness. With the rising cyber crimes across the globe, it is difficult to determine whether the tutor taking you through your course is qualified, unlike when you attend school physically. Most people will go to an extent of trusting the internet with their money, register and leave their information in exchange of skills from a system you are not sure of. In cases that online learning is your only option, it is best that you register with a school where you can make a follow-up.

A lesson friend of a learning- buddy pushes you longer and is adviced for an effective learning, something that lacks in E- learning. A one-on-one teaching is best for understanding. The interraction creates a space for question and answer which is enhanced by explaining for a better understanding.

Consistency can be an issue especially when noone is monitoring.With school, one feels guilty signing absent severally. The internet is full of different things which may cause distractions during learning, undermining effectiveness.

Technology and software might be a little more expensive. To start with data costs which are extra costs to the tution fees.