Rise In Vasectomy Amongst Kenyan Men

Rise in Vasectomy Amongst Kenyan Men Sends an Alarm

Rise In Vasectomy Amongst Kenyan Men

 Vasectomy is a surgical process to permanently prevent pregnancy whereby the tubes caryying a man`s sperms are sealed or cut off.

Research from the 2023 Economic Survey Reports by the Kenya National Bureu of Statistics(KNBS)  has shown that Kenyan men praticing sterilization vesectomy is more than double over a period of one year. 

The numbers have rose from 557 from 248 in one year. Other than vasectomy, individuals may choose Family Planning (FP) injetions which has so far remained the most dominant method of contraceptives. This was found to be used by at least 2.6million followed by Implant insertions used by 1million individuals.

Most men using Vasectomy have explained their displasure in having children and even having a family. This however how good it sounds, may be dangerous. When a person is sure of the end results of their actions, they may be reckless, hence exposure to other diseases including STIs.