What Is Cyberbullying?

How is cyberbullying experienced in today`s world and what are its effects?

What Is Cyberbullying?
Effects of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful or false information regarding a person. The information shared could be private and the results from sharing could result to shaming, humiliating and harrasing the victim. Cyberbullying could be a simple mean comment on social media.

Where do people bully from and how do they do it?

  • Social media, such as facebook or instagram; You might notice mean comments from your post. Bullies will even mock your body size; some will think that you are 'too big' while others may think you are 'too skinny'. As much as there is freedom of speech and expression, commenting on someone`s looks in a negative way is bullying.
  • Threatening messages maybe from people who have your secrets. These people will often demand something in exchange to keep your secret.
  • Dating sites. As private as these sites seem and everyone 'seem' like they are genuine, one might be manipulated to send their intimate photos which end up to be the cause of their nightmares. 

What are the effect of cyberbullying?

  • The victim might fall into depression after being demotivated and looked down upon. 
  • The victim may develop anxiety in taking part of whatever that made them bullied.
  • At the top of the list, is low self- esteem. Trolling someone may seem fun from the backup the bully gets but the victim  may never find the courage to share their views or posts. 
  • Anger and Aggression; Research shows that those bullied will turn to bullies as a revange tactic. They will want someone to experience what they went through out of anger. 

Today`s law does not take sides with these bullies. If anyone is found guilty of cyberbullying in Kenya, they risk a Ksh.1Million bond or jail term of up to 10years or both.