Joe Biden Political Stand

Joe Bidden Announces His Political Stand on The 2024 Elections

Joe Biden Political Stand
US President, Joe Biden

US president Joe Biden has made it clear that this will not be his last term in politics. Biden announced that he will still vie for presidency come 2024. 

Biden believes that freedom is yet to be acquired and that is going to be his key goal come the next election in 2024. He made these remarks while addressing the second bid of the Ex preident Donald Trump. 

The 80 years old president has been ranked as the oldest ruling heads of state. He has also tweeted that,

"every generation has a moment where they have to stand up for their fundamental freedom. I believe this is ours. That is why I am running for re-election as President of the United States. Join us, let us finish the job."

Biden has further singled out Julie Chavez Rodriguez who is the White House Advisor to oversee his campaign while he elect his campaign team. The team is made up of Delaware Senator Chris Coons, Lisa Blunt Rochester who will co-chair nationally, Jim Clyburn and Governor Gretchen Whitmer. 

Both he and his vice, who is also doing a re-run have already signed the paperworks ahead of campaigns with the Federal Election Commission