What Is Your Love Language?

What is Your Love Language?

What Is Your Love Language?
Love language

A love language is a gesture that you want to see from your partner or how you want your partner to act inorder to get your attention. A love language includes smell, height, travelling , shopping and basically how you want to be treated. 

Many people, however, keep saying that their love language is money. It is necessary that both partners be stable financially but money alone is not a love language. Instead, supliment it with how the money will attract you, now that is the language. For instance, going for shopping, the money is present, but used to impress you.

Most common and advisable love languages include; physical touch, words of affirmation, giftsand acts of service.

In order to know your love language, you must know your hobbies. You will mostly want to be treated around the things you love doing. The one reason that outrules money is that eventhough we all love money, we most love what it does. Money is the subject and its results are what we love. for a compatible relationship, try to choose someone with whom you share hobbies. They are the ones who will understand your love language best and deliver. 

The one reason people do not last in relationships is by not understanding each other. Take time to learn what your partner loves, where she wants to be taken, what perfume collection she/he prefers. Know what keeps your partner in a good mood and what lightens them up on bad moments. Love is an open book and all these things are written boldly on the first page,