Severe Punishment?

A high school student in Kisii loses testicle from severe punishment.

Severe Punishment?

Astudent from Nyabisia Secondary School in Bobasi is nursing wounds at Hema hospital. The student recieved a corporal neating from his teachers for allegedly flaunting examination rules.

The 19 years old student has had one of his testicles revoved by the doctors since it was injured. The boy narrated how both the security guard and the teachers teamed up against him and beat him up. He was later taken to the school`s "torture room" where here he was tied up in a way he could not resist the beatings. 

He has also explained that the course for the beating was when a teacher fould him with a " mwakenya" that circulating round the class and the teacher found it in his possession. The teacher hit him below the waist to a point he was unable to walk. He tried pleading that his paper gets cancelled to no avail. The teachers had pleaded with the student not to report the matter to the school head. 

The Kisii police are still on the look out and has promised to resolve the issue.