Why Are Companies Producing Phones Without Accessories?

Have you noticed that some phones that are coming into the market are lacking some accessories? Lately, various companies have started adopting a habit of bringing new phones into the market without their accessories; earphones and chargers.

Why Are Companies Producing Phones Without Accessories?
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This trend has been noted to be on the rise and many customers of these products have raised complaints to the respective companies. This has also angered most of the customers as they feel it is not right for the companies to make such a move without consulting them.

The reason behind selling phones without chargers and earphones

One of the major reasons highlighted behind this move is to prevent pollution of the surrounding with electronic waste.

This means that loyal customers of a brand can reuse their old chargers with their most recent phones, while new users can still purchase the chargers as they would any other accessory.

The goal is to reduce the number of unused chargers. It is also a way for brands and users to save money by purchasing smartphones at a lower cost. Makers save money on shipping and storage by using lighter packaging, and they reduce their carbon footprint by producing less waste.

This trend was initially seen by the Apple Company in 2020 after it made its first shipment of iPhones without bundled chargers causing outrage among customers who protested the phone maker's refusal to lower prices. The decision to remove phone chargers and earpieces from the phone pack, according to the US tech giant, would help reduce plastic waste. 

Two years later, other phone manufacturers are increasingly following the trend with the latest being Samsung's lead with the S22 series being released without the in-box proprietary chargers and earphones. According to Charles Kimari, Samsung's director of Internet and Mobile Experience, the change is in line with the company's plan to deal with e-waste management.

Samsung S21. PHOTO FILE

The Oppo Company is also on its way to adopting the trend with its latest products in the market.

Making a case for their environmental conservation mission, the manufacturers claim that because the average life of many smartphones ranges from two and a half to three years, many people are stuck with a stockpile of chargers they don't need. They argue that it would be inefficient to continue releasing more while consumers can use the accessories that have already accumulated in their homes.

The Brazilian government recently prohibited the sale of iPhones without chargers. The company was fined $2.34 million by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security for the infraction. Environmental factors, according to the order, are insufficient for selling the products without the necessary accessories.