Bandit Shot Dead While Others Escape In Thika

On Wednesday evening, police in Thika shot and killed a known thug who attempted to rob Mount Kenya University students.

Bandit Shot Dead While Others Escape In Thika

According to a DCI statement, the thief was part of a gang that was stealing from pedestrians along the Kiang’ombe-Railway road at around 9 pm.

The two students were strolling on the Kiang'ombe-Railway route at 9:00 p.m. when they were confronted by the criminals, according to the police.

"The pupils were asked to relinquish all of their earthly things, including mobile phones, belts, shoes, and clothes," police stated.

The police officers on patrol were alerted by a cry from one of the students.

"After consenting, the badly scared students were then compelled to hand their M-pesa PINs at gunpoint, forcing one of them to let out loud, piercing shrieks of despair," said the police.

The students later told detectives that they were going to buy avocado fruit.

One of the gangsters was killed in a firefight between the cops and the criminals.

"One bandit lay died in a pool of blood as his companions leapt to a getaway motorbike seriously wounded," police added.

The dead thug was found carrying a handgun and two rounds of ammo, as well as a machete.