Why Recycle?

Climatic changes that can be improved by recycling

Why Recycle?

A lot of waste, an estimated 11 billon tones is thrown into the ocean, pulluting the water and the dependence of water creatures. Many a  times, we are encourages to recycle things as much thisngs like glass, paper and plastic. These are usually the major land and water pollutants.

A lot of the waste is usually recycleable. An eample of  recycling is when you use an unwanted glass for a flower vace, or a shoe box to organize a room. Research has proven that recycling helps to emit 700 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

For every paper recycled, at least 20 trees can be saved and water used in manufacturing is cut by 50%. 

According to the UN Environment programme, at least 15%of the food is thrown away in homes and restaurants instead of being eaten. The gas after the food rots contributes to the 10% global greenhouse gas. The programme has advised on composting, stating that it redces the carbon emmission.