Uproar As Rixos Lounge Owner Threatens An Employee After Failing to Pay Her

In a video that has gone viral, an alleged owner of the Rixos lounge located in Kitengela has been seen issuing threats to one of the employees who came out to ask for her salary.

In the video seen, the owner went ahead to insult the lady calling her 'vulgar' names as he stated that he would not pay her the salary. The lady who was heard in the video stated that the man threatened to hit her.

"Why do you want to hit me because I want my salary?" the lady lamented.

The owner continued to retaliate that he was not going to pay her any penny as he went ahead to show her that he has direct contact with President William Ruto.

"I'm not paying you!... there's nowhere you can take me. I talk to the President," the owner stated.

The owner further added that he had the power to make the employee's life miserable as he had all the authorities at his disposal.

According to various reports gathered, the owner of the restaurant has been fond of not paying his employees and also issuing threats to some of them. Some of the employees have even opted to quit their job due to lack of payment.

Furthermore, some employees also revealed that he has at some point threatened them with a pistol. 

"Sometimes yeye hata utoa pistol to the employees. Some of the employees have not been paid na wakienda kudai anawaambia he won't pay them," a tweet read.

A group of Kenyans has come out to urge Kenyan authorities, including the Kenya Police and the DCI, to take action in order to save many other employees who are facing the same problem.

Here are some screengrabs about what Kenyans had to say.