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Why Men Stop Communicating in a Relationship

Have you ever wondered why a man you've been in a relationship with suddenly stopped communicating with you or reduced his communication with you? This happens to some people, especially during their talking stages.

Talking stages do not only involve partners talking. It also involves partners sharing a lot, especially their personal lives. One becomes more concerned with other partners' life and they see their relationship moving or growing to something big such as a relationship that could lead to dating.

A man, especially one who is very interested in you will always show it openly without hiding it. On the other hand, if a man starts losing interest in you, he will not tell you openly but instead, his actions will tell you his mind or feelings towards you. 

One thing women might not admit is the fact that they can't watch a man who they love leaving them. They might fail to read their partner's behavior ad end up doing more in a relationship. This situation is always very critical as it may leave the woman in a very bad state where she might end up even being stressed and having depression.

One thing to note is that women might fail to accept rejection that is not explained to them. They always want explanations with reasons from the man.

According to Benjamin Zulu, a life coach and a psychologist, men can lose interest in a lady when the lady has done nothing wrong.

"When a man focuses on a woman, he is carried by a charm. If he shifts the attention to one, it withdraws from the other one," Zulu states.

Here are some of the reasons that will make a man reduce or stop communicating in a relationship.

1. When the man gets into a relationship for fun

Some men may enter or engage in a relationship for fun. This may happen when the man mostly likes to flirt with the lady. Ladies are known to be very emotional and imaginative when it comes to a relationship. In this case, a man may want to only have fun for some time with the lady and call it 'quit'. 


Some men may also have no intention of keeping a woman and most women who like flirting and having fun might fall into this trap.

"As a woman, you should not entertain flirting that has no direction," Benjamin states.

"Be careful with consistent attention on women, it communicates a lot," states Zulu.

Most of the time, women take seriously the praises given to them by men. This influences how they relate to the men.

2. When a man misreads a woman

When it comes to relationships, some people might underestimate the power of education. Education really matters in a person's life. The ability to be able to reason together with your partner and be able to resolve issues together in a well-organized manner influences also your communication.

You cannot communicate well with a person who doesn't understand what you are trying to pass through.

Sometimes a man might feel inferior to the woman and this might make him start cutting communication to avoid further commitments or 'embarrassments'.

3. When a man overestimates himself

This happens when a man thinks he's ready for a relationship with a woman. When a man gets to continue with the relationship, he might face conditions that might make him have a second thought about the relationship. 

The man might opt to fizzle out of the relationship since he might feel he is not in the capacity to commit himself to what he thought he was able to do.

Also when a woman's standards are high, the man might drift away from the relationship hence cutting the communication. 

4. When a man gets another option.

A man's communication will start reducing when he finds another option. That is another woman. 

If that woman has his attention, he won't have much time for you. He's preoccupied with her and her requirements.


When this change of heart occurs, some guys will be open about it. They will tell you that they have met another person.
Unfortunately, other guys will simply avoid you entirely. They may even block or remove you from social media. Of course, realizing he doesn't miss you can be extremely painful, but his behavior can be a good way to weed out a potentially toxic relationship!

Men will always tend to care for what they love and cherish and so when they get a woman who doesn't meet their standards after a while, they tend to go outside and find a better option. An option that they are comfortable with.

5. When a woman is always involved in arguments

No one wants to associate with a person who is always ranting. They also need peace of mind to be able to plan their lives and come up with solutions. A man will also cut communication with a woman after some time when he gets to discover that the woman is a 'complaining' type. 


We all need some peace of mind in order to make positive progress in our lives.

6. When he's extremely busy

People can and do get busy, despite what may appear to be a pitiful excuse! He may be so preoccupied with work or school that his relationships suffer.

Similarly, even if he wants to reach out to you, he may be exhausted by the end of the day.


With that in mind, if he's "always" busy, he's probably not someone you want to keep. If he loves you, he will prioritize you no matter how busy his life is.

7. When a man feels bored by your conversations

Even if he doesn't express it explicitly, the conversations may have become stagnant or boring for him. Good relationships necessitate a sense of substance; if he didn't have that, he might have felt unfulfilled.


Unfortunately, most guys will not admit to being bored. They don't want to offend you or be the "bad guy." Instead, they'll fade away gradually.

8. When he needs a break or needs some space

If you and he talk nonstop, he may feel the need for some space. He may even be concerned about the future of the relationship. This fear is especially prevalent in men who struggle with trust or commitment.

These guys frequently pull away without even realizing it. They may not completely vanish, but they will limit their responses and contact.

If this occurs, it is worthwhile to confront the behavior.

As a woman, you need to practice and learn how to read your man's communication to avoid falling into a trap or getting hurt in the future.

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