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Sinful Love

Its taste is out of this world. Tempting and full of life but he will never be mine

The twists of life have taken a toll on me just yet again

I smile when I am alone

I laugh out loud with the heart of a child
I roll my eyes at nothing in particular
I walk around, head up
But still, my heart hasn't found the best words to package my feelings 

Not huge as I thought, but still perfect in his own physique and muscles 
Looks like the one who had a soft life, but he says no!
Calm and collected, that's who he's
His voice is as thick 
His laugh sounds like the echo of a Deep River 

Ooh Father Lord, forgive me
Forgive me if I'm making the wrong assumptions
Forgive me because I'm about to be pants down with someone's apple
Forgive me because my heart led me into a path already taken 
Forgive me! Am about to sin for my heart's sake

It's a stereo hearts that sing for each other 
We love
We laugh 
We miss 
But still, he's part of me now
We talk hours round the clock 
We behave like teenagers in love in the bush when good-byes hit our conversations

I smelled him
Yes I did
He was on top of me and for once, heaven was right in my nose 
I am stupid 
He's crazy 
We are in our world 
Because hell yes, he's my pain come true
I wanna dance to this tune until I can hear it no more 
Let my heart sleep at his home
It will wake up someday when need there be

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