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JOBS: How to Plan a Fruitful Workday

Have you ever felt that on some days even after doing a lot of work, you feel that you have not achieved what you had planned for? Such instances happen to most of us on a daily basis and it is up to us to find a way of correcting that mistake.

Every employee in an organization needs to master the art of planning for their day's task even before the day begins. In doing so you'll be able to save a lot of time and be able to handle much more tasks at ease.

In order to have a fruitful day, you need to do the following at least on a daily basis.

1. Start your preparation the night before

If you want to have a productive day, you should plan ahead of time. Make a to-do list before retiring for the night. However, make certain that it is feasible. 

In doing this, ensure that you make a list of tasks that you need to do ahead and organize them according to urgency and importance.

Writing a to-do list. PHOTO FILE

If your goals are more ambitious, choose a lower number.
If you don't have any major tasks ahead of you, set four or five smaller goals. You could also jot down something.

In fact, if you work hard and stay productive, you will most likely surpass this list. The goal of making a list is to get a sense of what must be completed by the end of the day. Seeing your primary objectives written down can help you prioritize.

Also, you get to arrange your next day's outfit as discussed in our previous article;

2. Avoid any social media platforms immediately after you wake up

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms can cause you to lose track of time. Do not check your social media first thing in the morning on your phone. Instead, direct your attention elsewhere.

A person waking up to social media. PHOTO FILE

Make a rule for yourself about when you can check social media for the first time. You can promise yourself that you will not check any social media until after breakfast.
If this becomes a serious issue for you, you can even block distracting websites on your computer/ phone.

You can begin by making your bed neat. This way, your mind is set that your day has begun and you will not be tempted to go back to bed.

Spreading your bed. PHOTO FILE

Next, you can say a word of prayer just before doing any other thing. You should at least pray for a successful day ahead and pray for God's guidance throughout the entire day.

After that, you can now go to the bathroom to clean up and prepare yourself for the day. You should always ensure that before going to work, you should be clean and ensure that you don't show up at your workplace smelly and untidy.

3. Drink a glass of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach has numerous health benefits. Staying hydrated is beneficial to your skin, metabolism, and energy levels. There are even more advantages to drinking water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Drinking warm water in the morning. PHOTO FILE

Drinking a glass of warm water in the morning boosts your energy even before you start off your day with the different tasks ahead.

4. Have your breakfast

A nutritious breakfast is essential for a productive day. There's a reason it's called the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast. PHOTO FILE

Breakfast improves your mood and energy levels, as well as your overall productivity. If you're pressed for time, grab something small on your way out the door. Even eating a banana on your way to work can increase your productivity.

5. Say 'NO' to requests that do not fit in with your priorities. 

There's nothing wrong with saying "no," especially if you have a full day ahead of you and people ask you to do things you don't have time or energy to do.

If someone asks you to do something that does not fit in with your daily priorities, tell them you are unable to assist them.

6. Organize your workspace before starting your tasks

Nobody can work effectively in a cluttered environment. Take a few moments to tidy up before you start working. Organize any papers and discard anything unnecessary. Wipe away any dirt or dust on your desk as soon as possible.

Throw away any garbage you find. A well-organized workspace can help you become more productive.

7. Organize your tasks and deal with one thing at a time

Maintain your concentration on a single task at all times. Focusing on one thing at a time will increase your productivity because you will work more efficiently when you give a task your full attention.

Multitasking is actually detrimental to productivity. Trying to do three things at once will take much longer than doing one thing at a time.
Instead of switching between tasks, pick one, finish it, and then move on. Avoid doing things like checking your phone or email while you're attempting to complete a task.

8. Prioritize your tasks

If you are dreading a difficult or important task, complete it first. Important tasks will not be overlooked in this manner. You will also feel more relaxed after completing a large task, allowing you to go about your day with less stress. This can increase your productivity. You can refer to your list from the night before.

9. Take some breaks 

Cutting yourself some slack on occasion is part of being productive. If you don't take breaks, you'll be exhausted long before the day is done. Time yourself while working and take a short break every 15 to 30 minutes. 

10. Reflect on what you have done during the day

As the day comes to an end, ensure that you take some time and go through your list to identify what tasks have been completed and which ones have not been handled. In doing so, you are able to evaluate yourself and correct the mistakes that you have done. You will also be able to plan again on how you can best achieve your goals the following day.

When you start practicing the above on a daily basis, it slowly develops into a routine, and you'll notice that your work will start improving slowly and become fruitful.

Here are some bank job samples that you can apply.

JOB 1: Financial Reporting and Standards Manage at Co-operative Bank of Kenya

About Co-operative Bank of Kenya

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Limited is incorporated in Kenya under the Company Act and is also licensed to do the business of banking under the Banking Act. The Bank was initially registered under the Co-operative Societies Act at the point of its founding in 1965.

Reporting to the Head of Financial Accounting the role holder will be responsible for Group Financial Reporting, audits, and accountability for reviewing existing, and new standards and any modifications to existing standards.  He/she is also required to ensure that the Co-operative Bank Group is adhering to regulatory prudential guidelines, adherence to International Accounting Standards, and International Financial Reporting Standards.

The Role

Specifically, the successful jobholder will be required to:

  • Champion the implementation of the Financial Accounting and Reporting best practices within the Group and Bank while acting as a center of excellence for International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Practices.
  • Champion external audits within the Group and Bank to ensure full compliance with regulatory and International Accounting Standards, and International Financial Reporting Standards, and Practices whilst ensuring adherence to timely completion of the external audit within the set audit plan.
  • Work closely with the Finance units, Portfolio Management, and other units within the Group to ensure full adherence with International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards and Practices. 
  • Review any new standards, or changes in standards and champion the implementation of the standard in the Bank’s systems ensuring full compliance with International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Practices.
  • Review application of existing standards, identify gaps, and recommend any opportunities to improve financial reporting of the Bank and Group.
  • Review Group and Bank’s Financial statements and ensure full compliance with International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Practices in all aspects. 
  • Review the Group and Banks Annual report and integrated report and recommend improvements in line with international Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, and Practices and assist in applying for the annual financial reporting standards awards in conjunction with the investor relations team.
  • Keep abreast with new and emerging global and regional Banking regulatory requirements and reporting standards.
  • Carry out training of the new standards to Finance and other related departments.
  • Oversee the accounts receivable function and other Financial Accounting functions that may be allocated from time to time.

Skills, Competencies, and Experience

The successful candidate will be required to have the following skills and competencies:

  • A degree in Business, Finance, economics, or business-related course equivalent from a recognized institution/ University with a minimum of 3 years experience in external audit and Financial Accounting Advisory especially within the Banking Industry and/or in Consultancy.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA(K) or ACCA and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPAK) in good standing.
  • CISA qualifications and experience in information systems will be an added advantage.
  • Excellent understanding of auditing concepts and excellent knowledge of International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, and CBK prudential guidelines.
  • Excellent attention to detail, strict adherence to deadlines, and organizational skills.
  • Analytical ability both qualitative and quantitative to draw sound conclusions coupled with demonstrated knowledge and proper application of judgment.
  • Excellent report writing & presentation skills, influencing skills, communication, and interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate complex issues clearly and succinctly to a non-technical audience.
  • A good grasp of lending policies and principles and experience in Credit Audit engagements will be an absolute advantage.

Method of Application

If you are confident that you fit the role and person profile and you are keen to add value to your career, then please forward your application enclosing detailed Curriculum Vitae to [email protected] indicating the job reference number FRSM/FSD/2022 by 30th June 2022.

JOB 2: Bancassurance Officer at Family Bank Ltd

About Family Bank Ltd

Family Bank (formerly Family Finance Building Society) was registered as a Building Society in October 1984 in Kenya, under the Building Societies Act and commenced operations in early 1985. Family Bank converted into a fully-fledged bank in May 2007 and the main driver for our conversion was the need to offer a wider range of products and services to our customers.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Acts as the contact and relationship officer between the branch staff and the Bancassurance department in the head office
  • Provide administrative support for queries related to Bancassurance.
  • Liaise with different departments within the bank on various queries related to insurance.
  • Ensure that payments for all Renewal business is received.
  • Reconciliation of premiums received.
  • Work closely with other bank departments to increase service delivery to our customers.
  • Update the system with sales/revenue from various branches.
  • Placing covers upon receipt of all documents.
  • Attending to customers and redirecting them to the right person for further assistance
  • Act as a front office officer/customer care officer.
  • Delivering covers to customers upon their request.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned to you.
  • Renewal of policies.
  • Selling of all insurance products.
  • Sending daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Calling renewal clients on a daily basis.
  • Sending renewal reminders to customers.
  • Managing and ensuring full compliance with Family Bank’s Policies and Procedures.
  • Role Models for the Brand and Corporate Values of the Bank in the internal and external market environment
  • Checking and verifying the accuracy, and completeness of the documents against checklists provided according to product lines; KYC/AML compliance requirements.
  • Any other official duty that may be allocated by management from time to time.

The Person:

The ideal candidate must possess the following:


  • A holder of a university degree from a recognized university in Insurance, Business, Finance, or another related field.
  • Professional qualification in any Insurance related field will also be an added advantage
  • Certificate of Proficiency(COP)
  • At least two years of active working experience in direct sales in a bancassurance environment of the Insurance industry.
  • Exposure to Bancassurance processes and procedures will be an added advantage.

Key Competencies and Attributes:

  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to establish new client relationships and generate new and Cross-sell business
  • Full understanding of all products, sound knowledge of the bank processes and procedures
  • Excellent knowledge of Insurance products, underwriting processes, and emerging market/industry trends
  • Proven ability to develop and maintain effective work relationships with internal and external partners.
  • Team working skills with the ability to deliver and exceed targets
  • Excellent business development and client relationship management skills.
  • Exposure to Insurance products in the bank set-up with knowledge of the Bank’s set standards, policies, and operating manual, with sound knowledge of bank products.
  • Practical understanding of the relevant regulatory environment

Method of Application

ALL applicants MUST apply online to the email; [email protected]; the closing date is 27th June 2022. Canvassing will automatically disqualify the candidate. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

JOB 3: Senior Relationship Manager-Large Local Corporates and Public Sector at Absa Bank Limited

About Absa Bank Limited

Absa Bank Limited (Absa) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group Limited. Absa offers personal and business banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, wealth and investment management as well as bancassurance. Barclays Africa Group Limited is 62.3% owned by Barclays Bank PLC and is listed on the JSE Limited. 

Overall Job Purpose:

The primary objective is to maximize sustainable Economic Profit derived from a portfolio of Large Local Corporates & Public Sector Kenya via effective Business Development & Risk Management at an individual and team level.

Customer Sales and service: -45%

  • Identify potential sales opportunities with new & existing Customers and subsequently sell and deliver.
  • Identify the opportunity to introduce Product Specialists to Customers and subsequently ensure delivery and sales.
  • Formulate business development strategies and objectives to meet changing market needs.
  • Monitor the level of complaints and quality of handling of those complaints.
  • Support efforts to research competitive threats/opportunities within the bank's marketing/geographical area.
  • Communicate all key messages to customers including agreed service standards, negotiated pricing, relationship contact points (including the introduction of new personnel), and new product changes.
  • Keep customers advised on the expected ‘delivery date’ for product/credit applications.
  • Commitment to understanding customer requirements: striving to ensure requirements are met and taking the responsibility for solving problems.
  • Rising to and achieving stretching targets; focusing on adding value to the Bank and customers; communicating opportunities for others to achieve results.

Credit and Operational Risk Management: 45%

  • Primary responsibility for the control and management of credit risk within own portfolio of corporate customers.
  • To maximize economic profit on own customer portfolio and team bases.
  • Manage own performance against key financials (risk-adjusted contribution) sales, service, and operational targets.
  • To ensure service delivery and support functions provided customer-oriented service within the stipulated service level agreements.
  • Develop and implement customer relationship plans for all customers.
  • Work with Corporate Credit Managers, to assess and recommend credit facilities for customers.
  • Collaborating with and assisting others; working as a team; being proud and working in the interest of the Bank.

Developing yourself and others: 10%

  • Being receptive to feedback and constantly striving to develop new skills and knowledge.
  • Work to enhance the capability of the organization by getting the best out of people.
  • Identify own strengths and weaknesses in skills and attributes, review self-development plans, and ensure cleaning and development are accommodated.
  • Support the implementation of the AML program amongst the CIB Team and the wider Bank.

Required Performance Imperatives.                                                                                                                                                               


  • Responsible for directly meeting the business's annual revenues, volumes, customer acquisitions, and cross-sell opportunities for the portfolio.
  • Responsible for the marketing initiatives, assessment, and maintenance of transactions/relationships falling within the portfolio.
  • Acquisition of new business – new to bank


  • To develop and build relationships with key customers (both internal and external) at various levels within the customer organization.
  • Manage organizational complexities to create a “win-win” situation for the Customer and Absa.  Continue to focus on creating operational dependency with their front/bank-end processes with Absa’s front/back-end processes. 
  • To seek and solicit customer views on the customer satisfaction survey and to maintain these at satisfactory levels. 

Target Market:

  • To continuously develop and enhance the business focus and target market of the key areas of the business in this sector. 
  • To maintain a momentum of calling on existing and prospective customers for the bank. 
  • To develop an understanding of areas of business that requires credit focus and maintain the understanding of industry dynamics of these sectors with a view of keeping the cost of credit low

Controls and Compliance:

  • To ensure that the overall success of the Credits, in terms of ongoing line reviews and audits.  In addition, to ensure that the client portfolio is in line with the expectation of the bank’s AML and KYC policies.


  • To ensure effective communications sent to customers on a regular basis to position Absa as a constant force in the provision of banking services to clients.

Education and experience required

  • University, college degree, or other relevant
  • (3) years (Technical/Managerial) experience

Technical experience

  • Experience in understanding the business dynamics, especially pertaining to the awareness of Large Local Corporates & Public Sector Kenya requirements. (Over 5 years)
  • Experience in managing Large Local Corporates & Public Sector Kenya clients with varied product needs and complexities including Corporate & Project Finance in addition to TB and Markets product set.
  • Understand how the various areas of the Bank are positioned to meet the challenges of Large Local Corporates & Public Sector Kenya customers.

Knowledge and skills:  

  • Advanced knowledge of Banking
  • Basic knowledge of Bank’s lending criteria in the Business and Personal sectors

Method of Application

Interested and qualified? Go to Absa Bank Limited on to apply.

Special offer


Kamiti offer
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