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Facts You Should Know About Shy Guys

When it comes to asking a woman out, making a move to kiss her, or even talking to her for the first time, almost all men get nervous. However, when a guy is extremely shy, his nervousness prevents him from doing any of those things.

It's legitimately difficult, not something they can simply take a deep breath and push through. This nervousness can manifest as physical symptoms of anxiety.

Shy guys appear very nervous when they are around women. You probably have met one or two guys with this character and wondered why they're acting that way. 

Some shy guys, particularly younger ones, have had a crush on someone for years but never worked up the courage to approach her. When someone they like approaches them first, they frequently become too flustered, and the resulting brief conversation consists of some stuttered half-coherent responses on their part.

You have probably noticed these with the kind of questions these types of men ask. They sometimes feel a little bit weird.

Shy men value their privacy, according to psychologist Laurie Helgoe. When you do ask him questions, try not to get too personal right away. Also, avoid disclosing too many personal details about yourself when you first meet him. Begin with questions that are simple to answer.

If things become too personal before he is ready, a shy guy may become uncomfortable. Slowly tell him personal details about yourself, and if he does confide something private about himself in you, keep it to yourself. If he is not comfortable, do not pursue him or force him to speak.

When a guy is shy and insecure about his love life, insecure thoughts often flow through his head like water - "I'm a hopeless case. I'll never improve. I suck on women. I'm a failure. I'm not attractive enough. There is no way that woman at work likes me. When I made that stupid joke the other day, I completely screwed up with her. I'm done."

It's all very self-defeating. First and foremost, insecurity is unattractive. Following that, they may be on high alert for any signs of rejection and almost eager to conclude the worst.

As a shy man, the most important thing to put in mind is that what you think is what you become. Avoid having negative thoughts when interacting or meeting a lady.

When a man is shy and inexperienced with women, he is likely to avoid female company as well as the dating and hook-up scene. He could also be socially inexperienced or isolated in general because he prefers to keep to himself or does not have many friends.

A shy guy may have previously been turned down or rejected by an ex-girlfriend. Be aware that a shy guy may be afraid of rejection, leading him to push you away first. Continue to show him that you are interested and genuine, and you may find that he begins to open up.

Shy men also mostly get their ideas about dating and relationships from things like movies, TV shows, the internet, and snippets of conversation from other people.

Despite their shortcoming, shy guys are among the coolest people to be with once you have understood how to interact with them. Here are some reasons why you should love them.

1. They're deep thinkers

First, they just analyze and then they take action accordingly.

A man who thinks deeply and critically about life is in high demand. Because it demonstrates his emotional intelligence as well as a curious and creative mind, which many girls find appealing.

Deep thinker. PHOTO FILE

2. They're full of surprises

Because shy guys are so reserved, much of their personal life is kept hidden. Most of the time, the materials they interact with for example the tv series that they watch, they tend to copy what they have seen and practice it on the girl of their choice.

They also express themselves more through actions than words, such as planning surprises such as a flower, a random note outside your room, breakfast/tea in bed, and no girl in the world does not enjoy surprises.

A man surprising a lady. PHOTO FILE

Her happiness is dependent on their brilliant surprise ideas.

3. They're genuine

They will not lie to a girl because they believe it will make her unhappy. They'll tell her the truth because they want her to understand their thoughts and intentions completely.

As a shy guy, always be honest and say what's on your mind because girls adore candor.

4. They give great advise

The more a shy guy thinks about the world and how it works, the better he understands his world, everything in it, and how it should be. As a result, shy men are experts at giving advice.


And once it's known that you provide excellent advice, girls will flock to you to obtain it.

5. They're good listeners

A girl desires the one she loves and who listens to her and is interested in her and her conversations.

A shy guy is always a good choice for her because he will say less and listen more. Being able to express feelings is one thing, but being a good listener is another. Many girls prefer less talkative men to jerks.


6. They're caring and loyal

Shy men do not want to hurt anyone. They are much more loyal to the girl they love, and they adore her. They remember everything about her, which is quite impressive for a girl. Every girl wants her partner to be loyal and caring, and you'll get her.

7. They're sweet

Shy guys have a very romantic side that is also hidden. However, they are more romantic than you think. They will always address you with a cute and sweet nickname. They will go to any length to make you happy.


So as a lady, you should try to give that shy man a chance and you never know, he might be the one that you have always been praying for. 

For the shy men, try to boost your confidence slowly by slowly and you'll get better.

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