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Behaviours that You Should Not Carry to Your Next Relationship

Lately, 'kuoga na kurudi' has been witnessed by different people and celebrities across the world. This type of relationship move has mostly been witnessed by the millennials across the world.

In doing this, most people should also consider some of the behaviors and factors that could make them experience this more often. As individuals practicing this type of relationship move, you should also take some time to evaluate your behaviors and try to correct them in order to improve the lifespan of your relationships.

Remember that a happy relationship is more than just flowers and cozy dinners. To have a satisfying and lasting bond that makes both people happy, the partnership must have clear communication, mutual respect, and, last but not least, good habits.

In this article, we're going to discuss some of the behaviors that you should avoid once you get into a new relationship.

1. Constantly talking about your ex

When you're in a committed relationship, you might be expected to tell your partner about your previous affairs. However, you should not constantly bring him/her up in your conversations.


Furthermore, comparing your current partner to your ex may cause major rifts in your relationship.

As a person in a new relationship, you should be focused on living the present and the future for the betterment of your relationship.

2. Trying to change your partner to be better than your ex

Don't try to improve your partner in the mistaken belief that you're doing so for his or her benefit. Expect unrealistic changes because you will never find a perfect person.

Trying to change someone's natural personality by expecting them to be more social, reduce their shyness, or reduce their anxiety levels can be an underlying cause and become a real problem.

3. Comparing your current relationship with your past relationships

Most people, especially men don't like being compared with other partners. This also makes a person feel inferior and can not act right in the current relationship.

Comparing your relationships also might cause conflict among individuals as they are prone to contrast in most of the things that they state.

4. Creating dramas in the relationship/ being nagging

Try not to make a big deal out of every little thing. Stop being so delicate. Making a big deal out of every little thing is the same as nagging your partner, who will get tired of it after a while.

He or she may try to calm you down, agree with you, and pamper you, but if they notice that you are making a habit of it, they will stop. Instead, try to ignore minor issues and, when they arise, breathe slowly to calm down so you can deal with them.

5. Holding on to grudges and not talking it out

Every couple argues and disagrees. They are not the cause for concern here, as they may even be healthy at times. So, while fighting over minor issues is acceptable, there are times when something is wrong but you try to remain silent despite being aware of the problem.


Holding grudges not only damages a relationship but also causes unnecessary stress and anxiety for both parties. To reduce stress in a relationship, it is necessary to discuss issues at the appropriate time.

If you keep things unsaid and your emotions bottled up, things may blow out of proportion, and it may be too late to save a relationship. Also, try not to remember minor details of previous arguments, as this will directly relate to unnecessary information.

6. Neglecting the needs of your partner

No relationship can be successful if you are only concerned with yourself and your needs. Every successful relationship in the world is built on compromise and collaboration.

Each individual should prioritize the needs of their partner over their own. People who prioritize their own needs will never have a healthy relationship.

7. Too much dependence on your partner

People frequently fail to recognize that, in addition to being partners, they are also two individuals. They become each other's lives in the process. Recognize the importance of having a life outside of your relationship. If you don't, you'll become overly reliant on one another. And there will come a time when you will be without friends, hobbies, or a life.

Your life consists of more than just one relationship. As a result, you must live your life as an individual as well. In the long run, relying too heavily on each other suffocates the relationship.

8. Being overly possessive

There is no doubt that the thought of losing someone we care about shakes us all. However, this does not imply that you will become overly possessive of the individual.

Overly possessive partners make people feel suffocated. Otherwise, the other partner begins to tell lies in order to avoid chaos and mess in his/her life. Remember that, in addition to being your partner, the other person has a life of his or her own.


The tighter you want to hold your partner, the more he or she wants to be free!

9. Being unromantic

Being unromantic makes the relationship boring and dull. It is important to be romantic if you want your relationship to work. Romance will keep the flame alive in your relationship. Try to be romantic, and trust it’s not that tough at all.


Doing simple things like organizing a candlelight dinner on the terrace, having coffee together on the balcony, attracting your partner by wearing erotic nightwear, etc. can do the wonders in your relationship.

As a person who is interested in a serious relationship with the partner you have just met, you should ensure that such behaviors do not come up in order to avoid breakups every time. If 'kuoga an kurudi soko' is your choice also, you need to be cautious with this as you exploit your relationship world.

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