It’s Important: Why You Should Cheat on Your Partner

It is important to cheat in a relationship.

It’s Important: Why You Should Cheat on Your Partner

Love is the gospel of life. Romantic relationships on the other hand are a different gospel from love, though both are usually associated together. I mean; so many people are in a relationship and not in love and so many people are in love and not in a relationship. The bottom line, it’s such juxtapositions that make life a journey worth undertaking. After careful analysis, I have come to the conclusion that it is important to cheat in a relationship; you don’t agree? Whether you do or not, follow me closely to understand my viewpoint.

First of all the fact that there are a lot of people in a relationship and not in love implies that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with who they have to sleep with every day. To counter this unhappiness, it is important to cheat with the person you feel makes you happy for the sake of your mental and emotional self – do not be heartless though, cheat in a way that you do not show disrespect to your partner by ensuring they do not find out. You should bring them a gift as a gesture of apologizing even if they won’t know you are apologizing – try a bar of chocolate for the girls and maybe a short or ps5 for the boys.

Second of all, cheating will help you confirm if you really love him. How? If you cheat and feel bad about it and don’t want to do it again you most likely love them and if you feel as though it was great it was probably lusting clinging upon you. This only applies to girls since from my observation, if a guy with perfectly functioning hormones cheats he will want more and more.

The third is to ensure you do not let the love of your life slip away. Chances are, the person you are dating right now won’t be the person you marry or get married to and form a family with, and if so, it would be an injustice to yourself and your future Romeo/Juliet if you let them slip away just because you are saving yourself for the person you do not have a future with. Ask your pastor and he/she will advise you not to be conservative towards people if you want to meet the right people.

Lastly is because he or she is probably cheating on you with the love of his/her life so better find the love of your life!!

In conclusion, a right relationship should be full of mistakes and characterized by love and good intentions, however, to confirm it is the right one, it is important to cheat, and observe how things unfold. Do not let them find out! Again, do not let them find out – stay safe, cheat safely!

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