Man Sued By House Manager For Sexual Assault

Just in; Langata man in Nairobi has been charged with rape. Going by the reports, the Langata man, Samwel Kidavi, lured a woman into a cleaning job and sexually harassing her.

Man Sued By House Manager  For Sexual Assault

The scene occurred in Hill Park near Blue Urban heights on November 10.

Narrating the scene; Kidavi contacted the victim and requested her if she would go to his house to do some cleaning chores.

At the time, the victim agreed to take the job and left for Hill Park. Upon arrival at the gate, the caretaker directed her to his house but the accused was in the house.

Unfortunately, Kidavi ended up grabbing a knife and pointing at her while ordering her to undress as he took out his clothes too.

Afterwards, Kidavi Assaulted her.

At the time, the house help was so disappointed. But she reacted by reported the matter to the police.

Note; Kidavi was later Arrested and arraigned at Kibera law courts.

But it's likely to win the case. So far, he has been released on a bond of Ksh200,000 pending mention on November 26.