Can Bypass Detectors


Cases of fake money aren’t new in this country or anywhere in the world.

People are always trying to print and pass counterfeit currency as real money since the invention of paper currency.

In Kenya, not even the change in the look of the currency has deterred those driven enough to print and distribute these notes.

Lately, fake notes that bear the same serial numbers have been in circulation and more than a few people have been robbed in this manner. A week ago, reports of a middle-aged man in a black buibui who is said to be going around depositing fake currency in Mpesa shops were all over the internet.

At the beginning of this month, fake money was in circulation in northern suburbs in Australia and also in Malaysia. Residents and shop owners were cautioned to be vigilant so as not to incur losses when transacting using cash as the fake notes look and feel legit.

You will also find pseudo accounts advertising the sale of fake notes online stating that very few would differentiate between a real from a quality fake note. They claim that their notes can bypass fake money detectors and be accepted by ATMs.

Closer to home, a Modern Coast bus was intercepted on Friday, at Busia border, en route to Uganda. The Uganda Revenue Authority gave a statement stating that Sh. 1.3 million was seized and three people were arrested.

An influx of such notes can cause inflation in any economy. Various government and their officials have cautioned their citizens to be careful when dealing with cash notes even as they place measures into place to find and apprehend the parties printing and selling the fake notes.